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Four Square Clinicals was carefully and strategically built to increase the quality of life for those struggling with mental health, drug and alcohol use.


We assist with  mental illness, drugs and alcohol,  building a positive and successful contribution to self, others and society in an outpatient setting.


Our focus is to provide cost-effective, quality treatment through a hybrid model of Health Services. 


Through private and non-profit sectors, we help identify and bridge the gaps in healthcare services to  improve  quality of life.


Four Square Clinicals consists of four branches: Clinical Practice, Research, Housing and Philanthropy. 


Our objectives include: community outreach, job placement, improved skill-sets regarding triggers and coping mechanisms, plus continuing care. Measurable through continued sobriety and improvement in our client’s wellbeing.

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Four Square (FS) Clinicals offers direct client services from psychiatric evaluations and substance abuse treatments to clinical research, practice management, and administrative support. We utilize our resources to help identify and improve patient care.


FS Clinicals provides support in private, non-profit, government agencies and clinical research. We strive to build lasting relationships in order to address patient needs by utilizing our patient centered approach and collaborations for "whole patient" health.


From the private sector to community programs, we have been able to connect and build a well-rounded support that has been lacking in mental health services. Our integrated team of experts has allowed us to reach out to those who have been lost in the disparities of healthcare systems. FS Clinicals looks forward to serving your needs in order to build a world with strong connections and community support.



650 N Rose Drive #472, 

Placentia, CA 92870

Office: 775-238-3082

Fax: 844-872-5607


100 N Arlington Ave, Suite 340A 

Reno, NV 89501

Office: 775-238-3082

Fax: 844-872-5607

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