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Project Help Network (PHN)

PHN provides emergency and long-term resources to victims of exploitation and trafficking while educating the public on intervention strategies, prevention, and identification of human trafficking victims. They also work with the local Veterans Administration and other organizations to reduce Veteran homelessness in Northern Nevada. PHN also conducts education and outreach initiatives on Veteran homelessness.



Loma Linda Psychiatric Medical Group delivers comprehensive behavioral health care to patients on behalf of their principal care providers in the Inland Empire. They serve patients and partners with the highest quality providers and safe, comfortable encounter environments. 

Life Changes

Life Changes, Inc. are Level II Sober Living Homes as defined by the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR).  We believe in the unique ability of every client we serve. We are dedicated to empowering each client to achieve their life vision. Through a strong foundation of recovery, a sense of community, useable life skills, workforce development activities, support and guidance that nurture growth and development, these men and women can and do become the individuals they were destined to be. FS Clinicals helps provide behavioral health and addiction services for Life Changes and is looking forward to being a part of growing their services for the community.


Epic Brain Centers Provides Electromagnetic Brain Pulse (EMBP™ )neuro-stimulation — which sets the standard for brain health treatment in the world today. EMBP™ is an individualized, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical medical intervention for optimizing brain health.

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